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Your Book of Life - Full reading

Discover your  or your child's Destiny !

What things are expected to happen  when and at what year?

Do I really need a Full Reading ?


Your Book of life 
English Reading
Sinhalese Reading

The book is the mother of  all Genuine Vedic Astrological readings about you. The Rolls Royce of the category.

A one reading for a life time.

This is not some carelessly scribbled few dirty pieces of papers written in a hurry, but an accurately  and carefully prepared book about you. A reading fit for a king or queen.

Book contains  approx. 20 -30 pages, need a few days to write manually and I am not rich enough to do it as a  free offer, but once done, there are no parallels.  Reading starts from the previous life, covering your recent past, and moving forward to detail your present situation and going in to future giving year by year detailed predictions for what you can expect up to 10 -12 years in to the future. The reading  includes the simple remedies to bring good fortune and success for you. 

Calculate your Rising Sign

 - Lagna - 

and Get the Free Reading  Here

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To Find out your Lagna & get a Free Reading - Just Fill the Form Below and Press Calculate Button.

Rising Sign Lagna

Now, you can find your Lagna according to Jyotish System and get a free reading. So try it for your friends and family too.


Two things  you need to know, before you enter the Birth Day and time - please read it

1. What is Lagna  ?

Lagna is the Birth Sign- Or , The constellation which was rising at eastern horizon at your Place of Birth (City of Birth) at the time of birth. Because of that, before using the calculator, first you need to find  the geographic coordinates (Click Here) of the city you were born and  the time zone (Click here) of the country of your birth.

Lagna  is not, your "Janma Rashi" (Click here if you need to find out more and calculate your moon sign also)- Janma Rashi is the constellation where the Moon was at the time of birth.

2. What is the Difference between Sun Sign of Western system and the Lagna  of Hindu system ?

Lagna is not the Sun Sign or the Rising Sign of Western System.  

Sun Sign - ( Explanation of  - The difference between the Sun Sign and the Lagna - Lagna is calculated in here and the reading is based on the Lagna)

In Western System of Sun Sign, all the people born in one month belongs to the same sign. Every year approximately around 21 of March to 20 th April The Sun is moving in the Aries Constellation. So all the people born in that month belongs to the Sign of Aries.  If you were born in between those two dates then you are a Aries Born.

( EX. Aries 21 March to 20 April, Taurus 21 April to 21 May, Gemini 22 May to 21 June, Cancer 21 June to 22 July, Leo 23 July to 23 August, Virgo 24 August to - 23 September, Libra 24 Sept to 23 Oct. Scorpio 24 Oct to 23 Nov., Sagittarius  23 . Nov. to 21 Dec., Capricorn 22 Dec. to 20 Jan., Aquarius  21 st Jan to 18th Feb. , Pisces 19th Feb to 20th March .)  

This is a rough system just to give some kind of a reading for people who does not know their time of birth. But for people who knows the time of birth, the rising sign or the Lagna is the better option  More.....Read the Difference Between Sun Sign and Lagna Can same thing happen to everybody born in that month ? I can not imagine that. Can you ?. 

Rising sign ( Explanation of  - The difference between the Rising  Sign and the Lagna - Lagna is calculated in here and the reading is based on Lagna)

Lagna in Jyotish system differs about 23 degrees from the Rising sign calculated by Western astrologers. The Lagna changes with the time of the day and the place. So people belonging to all the 12 signs are born on the earth at an any given moment.  Click here , if you wish to find out about The difference between Western and Eastern systems of Astrology

Now - Calculate your Lagna  and get the Free Reading - (Below)

Before using the calculator first find the time zone (Click here) you were born and the geographic coordinates (Click Here) of the place of birth.

Full Life Reading 

If you are satisfied with this short free reading you will get below, and you want more. The best Full Reading  (Book of Life) you can ever get is here. But about 90% of it has to be done manually (except the calculation part).

The Full Life Reading is not a vague computer generated report. It is a personally prepared 18 to 23 page, unique individual genuine reading in Sinhalese or English. Since it involves a lot of work, it is not possible to offer it for free.  

If you are interested in getting one specially prepared for you, click the link to see more Details about the Full Reading or use the Services and Contact to arrange one

Try the Free Reading First.  

I recommend you to try this free reading first. Follow the instructions below, enter your birth details and press the calculate button.

You will be amazed to see how accurate the readings are with correct birth times. But when compared to the Full Reading, this automated reading is just a tiny drop from the ocean.


Please enter your Birth Day :

This is my personnel web site. I maintain this site because,  both Hindu Astrology and web design are  my hobbies for many years and wish to share my interest with you. Like myself, have you ever looked at your life in a different angle ?. Why good or bad things happen to us ?. Is it pure coincidence, or is there at least a certain bit of a predictable pattern ?.

Spend a few minutes with me here and experiment with the free readings to find it out yourself. I assure you this is genuine Astrology of East.

With Regards,
Lakshman Abeykoon M.Sc.
I am in Melbourne at present

Ask a Question
Unique in this site
Book of Life

There are hundreds of really fine  Astrology web sites and thousands of good Astrologers. If you know of a one, then please try to use his/her services as much as possible. 

The only thing an another good astrologer or a site will not be able to provide you and available exclusively from me is the  unique Full Life Reading described at left. You will not get it from any where else. 

Rising Sign and Sky

Frequently Asked Questions 
(About the Sign & the Reading given in the result page)

Q. Ex. 1. - Or similar Mostly asked by visitors from the West.

...Could you also clarify something for me, I had a look of your free reading where I entered the latitude and longitude of my city of birth correctly and a lot of what I read was I could relate to. What is puzzling me is that the reading said I was a Cancer and I always thought I was a Leo....


According to Western system, all the people in the world, born between Ex. from 23rd July to 23rd August  are classified as Leo. 

But according to our  Hindu system , the Lagna or the Birth Sign changes with the time of the day and the place. So people belonging to all the 12 signs are born on the earth at an any given moment of time, that is why the time and the place of birth is important for calculations. You can read more about the The Difference between Hindu and Western

Some more other FAQ's


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Day: Month: Year: Please follow instructions
Birth Time :  : (Use 24 hour clock ex. 1.05 pm = 13.05) 

Time Zone : :  Default is  for Sri Lanka and India 5:30   
In simple terms, Time Zone is the time difference between the London Greenwich observatory  and your birth place, the default is Colombo and the time difference is 5 Hours and 30 Min.

Those born in Other countries check here for the Time Zone Table) 

Note:  Do not enter  the + or - mark in the Time Zone box. Ex. Afghanistan,  TZ = + 4 : 30 Enter only 4 in first box and 30 in other, No need to enter + sign. 

The Help File with examples is Here

 Click later 
If interested in manually prepared  more detailed readings

The reading you are getting now is an  accurate but an automated reading

DST        Check only if Born in a country  at a time when Daylight Saving Time was in force at birth like, from end of October to end of March in Australia {Southern Summer} or From Early April to Late October in UK or USA {Northern Summer} , then Click the box here, otherwise leave blank

 City of Birth 

Longitude: :            East        

Latitude:           South        

To find Coordinates for other Cities in the world click here

City of Birth 

The preset Longitude and latitude coordinates are for Colombo Sri Lanka

Situated at 79:52 East, therefore East box is checked by default.

And Latitude is  6:51 North (Because it is in Northern Latitude the south box is not checked) .  


Born in USA, UK , Europe or Australia ? 
Find it hard to Fill the Latitude Longitude and DST Boxes ? The Help File with examples is Here
Pl read it before filling this form 

Once you are finished, Press
Esc Button to get out of the reading

If  want  further readings or help Contact

Julian Day:


Lagna (Ascendant)



Bhava Madhya

Bhava Sandhi

House 1












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